Should I Buy A Duplex And Rent The Other Half?

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20 Responses to Should I Buy A Duplex And Rent The Other Half?

  1. earl clark

    Yeah righ 400k lol

  2. frank rodriguez

    Her fiancée means his finances

  3. that tiny hippo

    Dave was wrong on a couple of points here

  4. Nikki Neal

    She's already on to a great start with savings and investing. This will be a great learning curve for her to figure out how to live off just her income. That way they can potentially save more in the future and they're safe if he loses his job.

  5. RedDigitalMusic/RDM

    Whoever married her… "good luck."

  6. Edison

    This woman is so annoying

  7. TheTez1990

    How can you not survive off of 100k a year??? Sounds to me like someone has their nose in the air and can't live within their means. Me and my wife live off of 67k more than comfortably.

  8. stanley jean

    Typical sales rep mentality. Poor husband

  9. Ernest Mulligan

    There’s a difference between giving good advice and bashing someone for trying sacrifice and take risk to better their situation. I think Dave trying get his ratings up. My wife and I could live duplex with couple next door and be completely comfortable with it. After all I would be landlord and could decide if they were good fit.

  10. Abel Pedroza

    im sorry i love dave but he's completely wrong. yes they can survive on her income but if they get the duplex they will be able to save way more money sometimes you have to make sacrifices

  11. jeanlenor

    I stopped listening right after she said that she had a baby with the guy even before they get married. I'm tired of listening to fornicators. bye bye

  12. Nicholas James

    I've done this and it worked just fine. Just be smart on choosing who you're living with and respect them like they should you.

  13. VTony Vicente

    Enough new? I made a career change, purchased a duplex in a new town, started school, work 50 hours & am getting into house flipping. How is the brilliant idea of having a tenant pay down 65% of your mortgage something you wouldn't recommend? It's all about finding the ideal tenant, which I was able to do. Treat meeting potential tenants like a job interview.

  14. mike allen

    taking some risk is necessary. once you have good equity you can buy again and again when you have good equity. dont over expose yourself and retire early. thats what i did. these people wont be retiring early with this advice.

  15. Team Shmo

    She's clearly an idiot. Has 400k in retirement accounts, 125k in cash they can use, plus makes around 100k a year. Like wtf question is this lol

  16. That_Guy89 x

    Where the real people real problems lol wow!!!!!.

  17. michael makaza

    What's wrong with people who have ambitions to increase their income? Why does he encourage people to be average? If you want to be successful, don't be average, and take risks sometimes.

  18. Kid-City Child Development Center

    Start watching bigger pockets, it's right for you.

  19. Kid-City Child Development Center

    just make sure your husband gets his real estate license first so he can get the commit ion on the duplex. great idea, Congrats!

  20. jay day

    I really value Dave Ramsey but it seems like every time I hear his show, and this caller defiantly triggered this, there are multiple callers phoning in who make 80-120k, have only their home mortgage as debt, get a 500k inheritance and feel compelled to call in and ask if they should pay off their 200k mortgage.