Should I buy Real Estate in 2017?

Should I buy a home in 2017? Should I buy a house. Should I buy a house Now? Should I buy a Home in the US? House prices in 2017. Stocks or Real Estate in 2017?

20 Responses to Should I buy Real Estate in 2017?

  1. Marylee Avila

    Good forecasting! Your 2016-2017 estimates are better than most "gurus"

  2. Stephen Puckett

    Alan is it a good time to buy right now? ( August of 2017) I'm looking to buy my first home

  3. big meach

    MrAlanKendall I remember watching this video in 2012. I bought my first home in California in august 2012. Bought for 120k and now it is worth 240k! Knew the market would not stay down for long. Rent around here now is around $1200/month for a 2 bedroom. I pay $830 a month for my 4 bedroom. What to do now! Just keep it no matter what as the market goes up? Then sell around 2026-27? Thanks

  4. Brian Yehling

    Great video!

  5. Paul Zaher

    Wow great prediction based on solid data and facts

  6. John Gallo

    WOW this is happening right now in Southern California homes worth $400,000 Now Selling at 1 million Lots of Chinese are buying homes out here with Cash !

  7. Lance Baker

    At 07:14 "From 16 (2016) to 27 (2027), I'm expecting a 700% increase in prices, that prices will go up 8 times in price." Putting aside how ridiculous this prediction is, how do you say 700% is 8 times?

  8. kevinseveneleven

    It's crazy that this video just now popped up in my suggested videos. I did a double take when I saw it was uploaded in 2011. I agree with most everything you said but I have a hard time seeing how values will go up until 2027. I think it'll be much sooner, at least in my area I'm starting to see demand slow down.

  9. HanhPhuc Nguyen

    Great use of the back scratcher. Am I the only one who noticed this first thing? 😂

  10. Trebor Skeem

    I thought that was your hand for a second…..

  11. missbliss

    I assume there will also be a high demand for tents for those of us who can't afford the homes in 2027… Better go buy a tent ⛺️ now just in case, before they're all sold out.

  12. missbliss

    Can you predict if salaries will increase by 700%?

  13. Nat Serrano

    Do you have a wooden arm? Jk. Nice advice

  14. Kevin Vincent

    This is the problem. Economist meddling in real estate. Each and every market is different. There is no national market!

  15. Mark Jacob

    2017 Is a horrible time to buy..home prices are Grossly over priced!! be patient and sit on your money until the housing market prices crash, and they will..the sales market is gonna end

  16. Mark Jacob

    if home prices were low home market would benon fire right now…but so many people cant afford the prices today

  17. Mark Jacob

    its july 2017 and in florida home prices have sky rocketed out of control prices,..soon we will see it collapse from realtor greedyness..wait to buy so its a buyers market again

  18. Mark Jacob

    No, not until the crash..its a buyers market right now…soon over pricing on everything will cause a price crash..people are getting sick and tired of these realtors prices so they will begin to sit on their money and save more and more until it crashes in prices then buy..just pateince is the key!

  19. northcacalacka545

    Here in NC around the Charlotte area, builders are building as fast as they can and housing is going up in price. Rents are really getting high.

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    great advice