Should I Flip Real Estate For Profit

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13 Responses to Should I Flip Real Estate For Profit

  1. BRE CAP

    check out FB page @brecapitalusa for all commercial and residential investment capital

  2. johnyou35

    I was always under the impression that real estate wholesaling is a scam.
    Sounds too good to be true.

  3. Clyde Norris

    real estate wholesaling

  4. Busted Cat

    I went broke. Everyone at the real estate investment meetings saw me as new meat and took advantage of me. Most tried to sell me a property that would they were backed up in. I would never ha e made any money on it.

  5. Musa I of Mali

    Mid 60's? ….starting RE investments? Too Risky for his age unless he's already riche.. which he is not from what he is saying.

  6. Silbaugh4liberty

    He doesn't know about wholesaling real estate apparently which requires a lot of marketing and/or sales skills.

  7. Mike Hughes

    0:28 you can tell immediately what's going through Dave's mind!

  8. jmorris023

    If you're calling it to ask whether you can flip real estate, you've already missed your chance.

  9. La Dama del Caribe

    ppl need to stop asking him how he's doing

  10. Daniella Moreno

    I used Than Merrill Seminar and he had good advice!!Like what you said find group of Investor to help you invest in house that's worth more i.e. 150,000 worth 180,000.Than Investor buy it gives 10 or 20%.Or the other Route is put signs need cash
    buyers fast, quick sale then your number and Business name if decide to make this legit buisness.The classes way to expensive the lease expensive one was $19,000.I just starting up myself with out that good class. They gave alot advice during Seminar and then sheet to follow with some classes to take online.Good luck with endevors!

  11. thedudeandstuff

    check out – great network of real estate investors

  12. aftab M

    I want it cuse.i need to fix my wall

  13. Bossedup

    Dave are you talking about wholesaling? because I was thinking about doing that to clear out my debt