Should You Buy A Home Or Investment Property First?

Do you pour your money into a home, and spend decades paying it off? Or do you delay gratification, buy investments and let them pay for your dream home?

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9 Responses to Should You Buy A Home Or Investment Property First?

  1. L Turner

    He kept it real lol

  2. Jordan Reid

    In uk, you pretty much need your own house to get a mortgage on another house, also need to earn at least 25k to get a mortgage which most people don't in their first 5 + years working

  3. A

    Hello Nathan, What would you advise someone who lives in a location where property prices are extremely expensive and would take them a long time to get their foot in the door and so they are considering to purchase property abroad to let out? Thank you!

  4. shark tank

    hi nathan are studio apartments a good choice for an investment. im thinking about getting one because the rent has good returns.

  5. Rhys Bell

    If you buy investment property before a personal property.
    Wouldn't you be living in a rental property yourself paying rent to someone else?

  6. Avon Williams

    where did you actually live all that time?

  7. pkrangehit

    "pull your finger out and stop being a wanker… alright I hope that helps." you earned my like

  8. simon mahon

    dude you wish everyone hated trump so many love him. you should be humbled by being named after trump.


    Amazing bro, i live in miami and im a youtuber for a hobby, but i love investing in real state , i have some capital , get in touch with me my bro thank.

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