Skyrim: How to buy a house for free

Once again we find a way around doing things the hard way. Hope you enjoy the Rhexx way.

20 Responses to Skyrim: How to buy a house for free

  1. Insback Delspace

    Worked. Thanks. Took me only 2nd try

  2. Ada Deniz

    Can someone tell me how to do it on SkyUI

  3. SmokeGirl X

    It worked!Thanks a lot 🙂

  4. Hope Reyes

    It doesn't even fuckin work lol

  5. Golden Fantasy

    Fuck doesn't work wasted my fucking 💰

  6. Moyomoto

    wtf its not working for me

  7. CDL Job Network

    5000g for a house…. what a rip off.

  8. Kawaii Fox Artist

    then ur not buying it:P

  9. Shayan Sarwar

    awesome I tried it and I have my new house Thanks

  10. Riley Williams
  11. GhostCrisp86

    Still works

  12. Sabastian U
  13. Aski [Fin]

    The guy at 1:30 "Do you get to the cloud…" is the most annoying guy, so annoying he deemed it was worthy to enter into their house without permission and harass them there.. All be it, you are such a cheap ass to cheat the house, and prolly deserve some insult

  14. Hiếu Ngô Minh

    You dont actually need to wait till he sleeps. You can always do this if there is a container near him. I did this trick when he was checking the map upstair and i deposited my gold in the chest under the table

  15. Nocturne

    le random nazeem pops in to deliver his most infamous line

  16. Lightning Strike

    Can you please record or find other way?

  17. Lightning Strike

    But MrRheex i try that way and he sas just if i need any work or history of dragonsearch

  18. The Persona Rider097

    Dude nice video it also works on Xbox thanks so much man I love my new house


  19. Tauseef Rasul

    coooooooooooooool ! 

  20. Gursaihaj Brar

    u can buy the decorations for free as well with this method and it works  for every hold