Starting The House Flipping Empire! – House Flipper Beta Gameplay Part 1

Today we’re starting the house flipping empire! To start we need to make a little money by cleaning a few houses and installing a few appliances. This game is a lot of fun so far, a house flipping simulator is a great idea and although this is still in Beta it feels very refined and easy to play! Enjoy this House Flipper Beta Gameplay with my commentary as always!

House Flipper on Steam –

20 Responses to Starting The House Flipping Empire! – House Flipper Beta Gameplay Part 1

  1. elgemin

    I realise the Viscera Cleanup Detail phase has passed, but if you haven't played it you should definitely give it a go. It's like this game, but better.

  2. Henchman Twenty1

    I'm guessing those homes were crack houses. I swear I saw dirty syringes and burnt spoons amongst the trash on the floors.

  3. Cats And Rainbows

    Two blankets? You call that crazy?

    Bitch I have five

  4. Josh Summers

    @DangerouslyFunny How and where do I download this I looked on steam but no download link please help

  5. Mutaz Gazzaz

    this looks fun and relaxing and reminds me of Car Mechanic Simulator. I'd get it when it's finished if it doesn't cost so much

  6. RoyalBanana Gaming

    Ur playing the most weirdestgames ever

  7. SilverLake

    whats up ace

  8. Suze LeRoy

    More please!!

  9. Dylan Rudd


  10. Sarah Acree

    This looks amazing. When is the official release?

  11. Pieguy 123

    Please do more completionist farm. I love all your content, I just miss the completionist farm.

  12. Crystal Brewton

    Me likey! More please. And since YOU mentioned it … more SIms 4 smiles

  13. Jmak

    No house flipping happened 9/10

  14. pepper Gaming

    I like the game please keep playing it

  15. Russell Faraday

    as some one who doesn't give a fuck about cleaning his own flat, I would never play such a game since I could spent my time better in cleaning my flat in real life lel

  16. relik PC

    I want to play this game so bad it hurts.

  17. beriorgar

    please do more of this game, loving it so far

  18. Memento Mori

    You completely missed the Tip on the left side there telling you that you can upgrade for a New Cleaning Perk!

  19. RockyWaist

    I think if there was a game called 'Sorting My Sock Drawer', you would make it sound interesting & entertaining. I had to 'step back' and ask what the bleep is this? Then I saw it involves heavy machinery later on in the game, so I guess thats your forte… wrecking things.

  20. Ishoam Tsaunin

    More please!