Top Tips for Choosing a Subaru Car Dealer In the last ten years or so, the car-buying experience has considerably changed. The days when you would have to pay a visit to at least 5 dealers before making a purchase are now gone. Today, the internet is a tremendous resource you can use to research car dealers before visiting them. You can check out which dealerships have the vehicle you want in stock and compare prices before you drive off to the dealership. Selecting a reputable car dealership is important because you not only want a great shopping experience, but also a good long-term relationship with the dealer. If you’re buying a Subaru, chances are that there are many Subaru dealers in your area. But when so many options are available, how will you know which dealer you should go for? Consider the factors highlighted below when evaluating the dealerships in your area. Openness with information
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You’ll want to find a dealer that willingly provides all the information you need, without much hassle. Some dealers won’t list prices of their cars online, plus they might also refuse to provide quotes until you deposit some money. But you don’t want to go through so much trouble to obtain the information you need, given the numerous options available.
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Reviews It’s not so much easier to establish which business have a good reputation, and which ones don’t, thanks to online reviews. Many customers today share their experiences with dealerships on review sites such as Edmunds and Dealer Rater. Take your time going through those experiences, so you can know what doing business with a particular dealer would be like. Pay special attention to the negative reviews, and how the dealership responded to them. Avoid dealerships that have too many negative reviews, and especially those that didn’t care to write responses to the reviews. The Better Business Bureau is also a good place to establish a company’s credibility. First, check to see if the dealer has been accredited by the Bureau. Have a look at your prospective dealer’s profile to see if any complaints have been filed against them, and what they’ve done to resolve the issues raised. Businesses on the Better Business Bureau are rated from anywhere between A+ and F based on this. Evaluating the facility When you head over to a car dealership, pay good attention to the look and feel of the premises. Is the facility clean and properly maintained? Is the staff welcoming and upbeat, but not too aggressive? Is it a place you’d comfortably take your car for servicing and repairs. Keep in mind that you’ll probably establish a long-term relationship with the dealer, so it’s vital that you’re comfortable working with them.