The RIGHT Way to Analyze Investment Property

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There are so many real estate opportunities out there right now. The question is, which one is best for you? This presentation gives you the tools to help you understand your unique investment criteria. We also show you the top performing markets in the country to invest in right now. At Marshall Reddick Real Estate, we are real estate investors first and foremost, and as such, it is crucial that we share the knowledge we’ve acquired through decades of experience. In this in-depth presentation, we cover the main factors that you must look at in order to narrow down your search.

Formulas to Calculate:
-Determining the true value of “Cash Flow”
-Annual Cash-on-Cash Return
-Return On Investment (ROI)
-How financing impacts returns
-Cap Rates, Rent-to-Price Ratios, and more

Researching Individual Properties and Locations:
-Understanding the Reddick Property Rating™ of every property you analyze
-How to allow for the necessary amount of maintenance and vacancy
-The top online resources to use and ones to avoid
-How to obtain economic data on every city and neighborhood in the U.S.
-How to evaluate comps to determine what to offer

4 Responses to The RIGHT Way to Analyze Investment Property

  1. Edward Varner

    organization and content are spot on!

  2. Shawn Carrington

    Great information, using the online sites to assist with analyzing properties gave me ideas that I will use. Thank you!

  3. Thomas Clark

    Great Job!!. I've been reaching Real Estate for months and haven't found anything as informational as your video.

  4. Ng Xiang Jing

    would you say this is applicable to other countries?