The Top 4 Reasons to Never Invest in Turnkey Real Estate

Turnkey real estate continues to get a lot of bad press, but for good reason. Engelo explains the top four reasons why it’s never a good idea to invest in turnkey real estate.

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7 Responses to The Top 4 Reasons to Never Invest in Turnkey Real Estate

  1. Jere Becker

    Definitely investors must be careful not to do business with bad companies.   If investors can't tell the difference between a good investment and a bad one then how are they going to handle the whole process themselves?   You are bringing up the worst case scenarios.   Everyone should do their due diligence on any investment.   Seek an expert to help you.   A passive investor is looking for a good return, make sure the numbers are legitimate.   In Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, contact Investable Realty and our expert Realtors.  We are part of 2020REI, your One Stop Shop for Everything in Real Estate.

  2. Clemdane

    So how do I find a distressed property in a town far from where I live (my local area is New York City and I can't afford anything anywhere near here), remotely find a reliable contractor to fix up the place, advertise for and screen tenants remotely and then manage them remotely when I am already working full time and have another project on the side?

    I have a vacation rental that I bought myself and arranged for it to be fixed up. But I did hire a management company who have been fantastic for 5 years now. They don't nickel and dime me and they have maximized the amount and pricing per night of rentals year round.

  3. Elvyn Almarante

    hi there..and thank you for this info…i am new to this and i would like to ask you you know anything on Morris invest?.. i saw some of his cast and i kind of got hooked but i haven't buy anything yet..any suggestions?… please… thank you..

  4. Joe Tesmer

    your an idiot
    just your voice makes me want to throw up

  5. Josh Wulliams

    Whats with the fake accent mate?

  6. Zitofsky Capital Management

    great stuff my dingo friend. So true. You know I lost my butt in the past and now wont allow that again. Promises are always made when they try to make the sale but very rarely followed through. I believe the team is most important and long term business is so much more important than 1 deal. Great video.

  7. Ivan Terrero

    So is it OK or not to invest in turnkey properties? The resin I have invested in TK is that I have NO time to find those properties