Want to Buy a House? Thanks to Trump, You Can! | Immigration and Housing Prices

So you’re an average American citizen and you dream of owning your own home and buying a house. Well, thanks to Trump you can! How the crackdown on illegal immigration could drive down housing prices and why unlike the regressive left and democrats claim this is actually a really great thing… for Americans. Learn this and more here on MR. OBVIOUS on THE TRUTH SERIES.

Why Ending DACA Will Save America:

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Why Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Could Sink U.S. Home Prices

20 Responses to Want to Buy a House? Thanks to Trump, You Can! | Immigration and Housing Prices


    I predicted Trump's crackdown on illegal immigration as actually being good for the American economy (despite the lies of the MSM) before and this is just one example. A link to the other video is in the description.

  2. Pankes

    I've been binge watching you and squatting slav tv and you've red pilled the FUCK out of me. Keep up the good work man

  3. Blarghfyerjkhhh

    Illegal “dreamers” are actually stealing the American dream from US citizens; they should be called “dream-stealers” or “dream-thieves”.

  4. eLusive uNikorn

    I thought my mom started vacuuming the house midway through this video…

  5. Joe Smith

    Buut wat about compassion?

  6. Sith'ari Azithoth

    They arent even "illegal immigrants." They are criminal illegal aliens.

  7. Lord Nytris

    We should make leftist TV show. We'll call it, Beavis & Butthead.

  8. MrGollum1996

    The H1-B visa are supposed to go to people, from foreign countrys, that have skills, no american has applied for (so the company hasnt found an american for that job.) so its not for employing cheaper workers.

  9. GoldPrince2468

    I have no idea what happened to Europe. 😬 Sounds really bad though.

  10. William Parks

    the mellenials should be opposed to illegal immigrants because it keeps their wages down

  11. pickyourscab

    That unedited intro was hilariously bad but you made good points like always. 👍

  12. Michelle Sands

    No,no the take away the affordable houses!
    Or the live in places where rent is raised & nothing can be done because
    they really can't go to court.
    Also they(illeagals) have ALOT of repersentation,where as whites
    do not have any!
    What's the incintive to become a citizen? When there is nothing stopping them from
    doing anything they want,like vote,work,go to school,drive,sue people in a court "of law"!
    They steal social security numbers,& idenities.
    The wealthy that hire these illeagals should go to jail too!
    Whites should have alot of children,and well if we need help we can apply for government
    benefits too! If illeagals can receive government money why couldn't whites
    born here? So go ahead have tons a children!
    Yes,it is a nightmare in so many levels,jobs, housing,low wages!
    Mexico has the hardest immigration laws, the hate southern peoples,they have a
    giant wall on their southern border! The Only new people they actually want migrating to
    Do a show on how tough their immigration laws are please,I was shocked
    when I looked into it!
    We(Americans)are supposed to let any, poor contaigous disease ridden people into
    our country without checking any of that!
    What about Europe the Africans could be bringing all kinds of out dated diseases,
    the plague is rampant in Madagascar yes the plague that kills in 24 hours?
    What about ebola? what about T.B,hep.a,b.&c,? What about aids? In Africa
    they are so inbred, backwards they think you cure aids by raping little babies,
    they probley rape baby boys too,not that one is any better, I'm just pointing out
    isn't buttsex how the grown men got it in the first place?
    Why,WHY are we importing the 3rd world here? We have enough problems with our
    on entitaled,criminals,we have our own no go zones,we have our own crybaby you
    owe me repartitions,no working, no empathy thug problems!
    Enough is Enough,we need to deal with the citizen's problems first(like you said)
    and ONLY OUR CITIZENS! Everybody that are here illeagally have zero rights,
    they are not covered by the Constitution at all,it for citizens ONLY!
    Prove otherwise then we can worry about those people too,
    But, right now America's Citizens come first,no matter what race they are!
    We fix Our Problems,then maybe we could help others.
    The way it's been going is not working out!Too many Citizens are getting thrown away to
    help all these illeagals with no status,but manage to own& have more than the average
    citizen!I really apologize about this being a book,I'm leaving now!
    But, Thank You for talking about this! It does need awareness!

  13. cruzerio9 ??

    I need more red pills because I am living with a bunch of blue pilled people along with that Donald Trump doesn't sound too bad of a person that I have previously heard from other people

  14. baiaili

    It's nice to know there are people who think like me

  15. High Priest of Keku

    Cool channel, If you keep putting out regular content this is sure to grow into something pretty successful.

    If you see my comment (I don't think other people can, I've probably been shadowbanned by youtube) I would offer a couple things I've noticed that make other channels successful. I'm sure you've already noticed it but try and go for obscure things previously unknown or something unique (Like you have done with the psychological analysis' of tucker's videos, I love those.) and regular content to give people a reason to come back consecutively. Even if it's something short. Mr. Metokur is a great example, I love his channel because I can always count on him to find the most fucked up and disturbing things I wish I didn't know existed, with a delightful sarcastic commentary.

    Personal request of mine, ever since Trump announced his presidential candidacy I started reading "The 48 Laws of Power" and I noticed a lot of correlation between Trump's tactics and laws from the book. It would be interesting IMO if you did a series based around the Trump presidency analyzing his unique body language and going more in depth on why you believe he won over so many people.

    You got another sub outta me.

  16. High Priest of Keku

    how the FUCK can they even buy a house in the first place? You have to pay taxes on that shit, and have an actual physical address. How do they get a house without being immediately deported by ICE?

  17. Connor Schultz

    If a person works full a full time job they arent stealing anything from americans illegal or not. If you lose a job to someone who is illegal its probably because they were more qualified than you for it in the first place or they were willing to take less money than the position is worth. If you apply for college with a gpa of 2.5 but your an american citizen while juan applies with a 3.0 and is illegal. If the college accepts him he didnt really steal it from you if hes more qualified than you. Same thing applies for a house if someone can afford to have a mortgage and are approved they didnt steal it from you. If a house is 200,000 but you can only afford 100,000 and juan can afford the more expensive house how is it stealing. And before someone says "what if they are a rapist and a criminal" american citizens are capable of being horrible criminals too. Also the guy in the article was brought here at 7 what was he supposed to do deport himself once he turned 18 or whatever. America puts itself on a pedistal of enlightenment and tells everyone else in the world we are the best and yet we get upset and angry when imigrants want to come here legally or otherwise. Our current immigration system is a joke that takes years to get through so i thinks its pretty reasonable for someone to want to break the rules in order to get into the greatest country on earth for a better life. Yes im liberal af no im not some cuck pleb who worships hillary and obama and listens to cnn like the gospel. Clinton is a shitty person and obama had so much potential i think but at the end fucked up some areas pretty royally. This comment will probably never get read so i can now slither back to my cuck nest on campus surrounded by people who do not challenge but instead circle jerk to each others world views. Rant over.

  18. Virtus

    Cost of realestae is too high, wages are too low. Workers are not demand. How can we fix this? Get em' the hell outta here!

  19. K.Tugs

    Try being an illegal immigrant literally ANYWHERE else. Switzerland. Australia. Canada. You know, countries leftists want us to emulate

  20. Hayduke

    I was able to buy an almost new house after the collapse because it had been repossessed from hispanics who had no business buying a house in the first place. WTF, I like hispanics now!