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20 Responses to WE’RE BUYING A HOUSE!!!

  1. Genesis R

    You are an incredible person. In a world full of hateful people that devalue women of color, it's so good to see a White man love his children and Black women the way you do. You are an inspiration

  2. Angela Stewart

    beautiful family

  3. MM DJ

    I remember you all in GDVIEW if you get what I mean.. You all are doing awesome.. Me and Mine gotta get it going with the vids.. Love you guys and God Bless!! We love Zillow too!!!

  4. litta Mayo

    kansas city, mo woohoo we plan on moving too lees summit hopefully 2 yrs from now hopefully less lol

  5. Tuesday April

    Love you guys but Austin you so corny! Lol

  6. Rawsoul

    Kailand reminds me of myself when I was younger.. always up to my own thing. Too cute

  7. Heinrich Dudelstrom

    OMG… ur life is fucked dude! ^^

  8. Heinrich Dudelstrom

    "Like a man climbing a tower" – Love how he paused to come up with that, not to say "like a giant gorilla a skyscraper" – Thats why interracial sucks.

  9. Mya Young

    I have the same shoes as Brittney

  10. fran g

    I love zillow.

  11. Ester boo

    Haven't watched in a longtime due to no internet but hey you guys watching all your videos I missed now!!!

  12. consuela adams

    your son and my brother will get alone find they both love to cry lolπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά

  13. MissTexas76

    Are you guys expecting???

  14. Naturally Tee

    Britt you look hawwwwt! Go girl!

  15. Bona Fide

    such a cute family

  16. Heyyyitsniya 15

    Did Brittany cut her hair sorry I haven't been on there channel in a long time

  17. Thara Milfort

    I wish I could do her eyebrows

  18. Vegan Peasant

    handsome fam! and how brave to get on that stage ya'll!!! xx

  19. Britt's Little Bunch

    i love zillow

  20. Pamela Milton

    Very beautiful family…