We’re buying a house!!!
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In today’s vlog we show you some of the many houses we have toured. This house hunting journey is so much fun. We have seen some really interesting houses, some gorgeous ones & some haunted AF ones too! Stay tuned to the very end to see the haunted one, you will be surprised when you see it! Enjoy!
Love Channon Rose

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20 Responses to WE’RE BUYING A HOUSE!!!

  1. Jennifer sharkey_makeup

    Real time is WAY better than voice over, but I loved this video xxx

  2. Summer101

    I love these videos!

  3. Joelle Coffey

    Hey girl I have been haunted ! I get the whole "vibe" thing. Me and my husband slept on our couch for 2 months cuz our rental was haunted !

  4. Thanh

    i live in vancouver the house price is 1.3-5million 😳 rent is 1600 2200 3bddroom without utility πŸ˜‘!

  5. Paige

    Half a million dollars?! That's crazy. Houses around here are around in rural Indiana are like $100,000 or less. I wanna say more around $75,000

  6. Jennifer Held

    Yes. Please do more. They are fun to watch. I'm always so amazed at what you can get for the $$. That last 7 bedroom house here where I Live in BC.Canada that house would be well over a million dollars easy. It makes it hard to even think of buying a decent 3+ bedroom house at an affordable amount that a small family could manage. It's crazy how fast it changed! But happy hunting. You have some nice options. Take us with you!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  7. Kayla Brede

    I won't ever be able to afford a $500,000 home in my whole life lmao I'd be lucky with $100,000

  8. Jess R

    I like 90 percent real time with 10 percent voice over

  9. MTHorses

    That big house would be so worth the carpet replace

  10. sarah m

    Have you guys looked in Eldorado Hills? Check the Trulia website. πŸ™‚

  11. Ibzan CΓ‘rdenas


  12. Anna McGivern

    First house looks like David Dobriks old one

  13. Jaden Sturgill

    Voice over plz

  14. babicakes123

    Who else wanted channon to move into the haunted house just to see more creepy story time videos from her? Lol

  15. Nancy Anderson

    1st one I don't like it. 2nd I really like it, love the kitchen

  16. Kylee Wayne

    I wouldn't show the front of the house anyways just because you might be moving into one of them and it would be much easier to figure out where you live in the future.

  17. Bria Bostelle

    Do more! And do realtime sound please !

  18. Bandnerd 28

    I'm surprised you are looking in Folsom because those houses can get real exspensive unless you live by the train tracks! You should totally look in Roseville or Rocklin because they are super kid friendly areas! Lots of school's, parks, and the mall. I know that the Roseville/Rocklin area was rated number 5 for safest city in the US as well (That means like no ghosts either!!). Also the houses run between 300,000-5000,000 so i don't think it's as much as Folosim and maybe close the Lincoln. Hope that helps!!

  19. Stephanie Stark

    I prefer real time talking. The voice over wasn't bad at all, but I like the real time

  20. Maja Thornqvist

    That garage is still really full still..