We’re In Debt But We Really Want To Buy A House

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20 Responses to We’re In Debt But We Really Want To Buy A House

  1. Carly Al

    I live in Allentown and the homes here are not expensive. You won't get a nice house or in a good neighborhood but you can get a house.

  2. Daniel Robert

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  3. VlogsGamingMusic

    hi dave, love the show.  I'm in debt , i'm trying to do the snowball effect.

  4. fortydash1

    Can't fix dumb

  5. Heather Shayne

    Broke people buy homes all the time. Do you guys remember the financial crisis not too long ago?

  6. ruben valente

    house house house!!

  7. Mr. World Free-Man

    man this is the exact conversation I had with my x wife 17 years ago. I did not want to get a house due to the debt we had, but noooooo.her girlfriend told her we were throwing money away renting. To make a long story short. Her parents gave us 8,000 for down payment.within 6 months of having the home, the mortgage, insurance, property tax, and the other Debt was choking us to death. A couple years later we divorced and I moved to another part of the country and herd she quickly remarried and had a child with the new husband and they eventually foreclosed, divorced, and bankrupt.

  8. Reyna Villegas

    This is one of my favorites so far. I also wish I could buy a house but I'm determined to pay off my student loans, car loan then save for that down payment!! Might take me at least three years but it'll be worth it.

  9. cf06leo

    Gotta love the hangup button!

  10. Detroit Ruffin

    She is dumb and her husband is dumber for thinking they can afford a house. now i can understand were they are coming from because i used to be this way when ever you want something bad enough you will lie cheat steal to get what you want.

  11. Mark Yates

    She's Ignorant! She is not going to listen. Can't stand that type of people. She's playing games. Why bother calling.

  12. Mark Yates

    No lol. Irresponsible Adults grrr. Lol.

  13. Herryfrd

    Real question here: should you buy a house if you have student loans? I'm going to graduate next year, and I don't know if I should rent or buy when I get my job

  14. koolyo2foots

    go ahead and buy the house with that 38k debt, don't comeback crying when the house is choking you

  15. thomas terrence

    Everyone blames the banks for why the housing market collapses but, people like this with no financial sense are equally responsible in my opinion.

  16. darkmanjeff

    *Get out of debt.
    *Save 6-8 months for emergency fund.
    *Put up a 10% downpayment.

    Need to keep reminding myself this…

  17. Pat

    mortgage broker. best line ever dave

  18. J Cordtwo

    This may be my favorite dave ramsey video

  19. Grimm_ Ace

    I wish I could build my own house. I have carpentry skills. Most land is already claimed though that's the problem. Anyone have any tips on that or is that unrealistic these days.

  20. K Henderson

    I wonder why people call in to ask Dave questions that they already know his answers to. Is it because they need the motivation since they don't have enough will power?