Phil Mickelson was in the fight of his life during the 2010 Masters. Lefty appears to be on the way to the top of the Masters 2010 leaderboard, but his entire tournament may have rested on a seed. Yes, a seed.

Phil Mickelson had one of his putts stray off course after a seed was blown into the ball’s path. Baseball has often been called a game of inches, but the Phil Mickelson seed shot is a pretty clear reminder of the fine line between victory and defeat in golf.

What Happened During the Phil Mickelson Shot?

Phil Mickelson was set up within a few feet of making birdie at the Par 5 second hole at the 2010 Masters Sunday. Just before Mickelson putted the ball, a small seed blew in the ball’s path. The ball bounced off the seed and away from the hole. Mickelson was likely so focused on the ball that he didn’t see the seed get in his way.

Mickelson has been known for his share of bad luck, having had many late-tournament collapses. Of course, many golf pundits would say that Mickelson is to blame for much of his misfortune, often choking at inopportune times.

In an ESPN poll asking readers to name the biggest choke artists in sports, Mickelson ranked third. Mickelson has five second-place finished at the US Open, more than any other golfer in history.

Still, Mickelson forged out a great career, including 37 PGA Tour wins prior to the 2010 Masters. Hopefully, the stray seed won’t be the determining factor in Mickelson’s 2010 Masters performance.

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