Where To Invest Money To Buy A Rental?

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20 Responses to Where To Invest Money To Buy A Rental?

  1. That's Rich

    Took them 8 years to pay off an $80k house? Why so long? And why would they look for a product to save money in for a rental property? Why not avoid all that hassle, educate themselves and just find a real investment? Money markets and index funds are a joke! They could have NOT bought a house to begin with and could be making $4000 a month off of their $80,000. Dave is telling them to put their savings into either high risk index funds, or low reward money markets? Guess he wants their baby to be poor, lol. Old money ideas are hilarious.

  2. Edison

    Haaa they probably bought the house for $60k or less heck i would have paid cash for the house…. unfortunately where i live you wont find a 80k house ever…. I must admit it im jealous

  3. Kevin Young

    250k is the lowest for something decent in Miami

  4. Anax of Rhodes

    City people: "What kind of tiny house can you even afford with just $80k?!"
    Rural people: "Lol, it's half that price out here."

  5. relikvija

    the bell is always off
    just like alex jones channel

  6. CHACE

    They're like the 22 and 23 year old from a Disney movie when it's really actors like in their mid 30s. I'm 21 and she looks like she could be having my younger brother.

  7. Robert Lewter

    My fuckin car is worth more then their house.., wtf they live in a shack???

  8. Neil Ram

    Ok a $80k house I can pay off in 2 weeks. Soo I don't feel so bad now. Onward…

  9. Bajaheat

    Lol where I live 80k buys a nice 3-4 bedroom house

  10. Raginbull1124

    Housings anywhere is disproportionately overpriced. Whether you are renting or buying. Greed drives the market. Shame.

  11. socialillz

    Ok do that in NY. Mortgage $337k

  12. Jordan Hamer

    The husband is just a quiet guy. Don't judge him or their family you guys in the comments

  13. Denis Barbosa

    $80k is 20 percent down where I'm from smh!

  14. Fabuloso

    Clearly a lot of people that have watched this lack comprehension skills. They said the house is WORTH $75k to $80k. They didn't say they bought it for that much.

  15. ForWhomTheGameTolls

    Huge kudos to their parents! Holy cow! The government will never enforce financial education for our youth, so it is up to the parents to instill the knowledge. Again, great parents for these 2.

  16. superplan89

    I have a cousin like this that meet her counterpart, they have 148,000 and 2 cars fully payed for, one is on the 2nd car, but still up there they r renting now…

  17. John MacDonald

    How do you find a house for 80K. It must be a shed…

  18. breakingthemasks

    imagine for a moment being early twenties, happily maried (to a beautiful girl) owning your own house, and saving to invest in real assets.

    I'm happy for them, but also… grrr

  19. Alex Emery

    what an honor. come on dave, that might be a stretch.

  20. Long Ranger

    These kids are so inspiring!