Why Commercial Real Estate Investing is Similar to Oil and Gas Investments

EnergyFunders now invites commercial real estate investors to learn how to take advantage of the cash flow, tax credits, and ease of participation provided by record low oil prices and the crowdfunding opportunity on our award winning platform at https://www.energyfunders.com. If you are currently an investor in commercial real estate or have had an interest in commercial real estate investing projects in the past, visit us online now and learn more about what our exclusive platform has to offer.

EnergyFunders is a cutting edge Financial technology platform dedicated to disrupting the way people from all over the world invest directly into energy investments, starting with oil and gas. Commercial real estate investors love the crowdfunding platform as it provides a familiar means of creating passive cash flow and tax benefits while mitigating risk.

With a dedication to honesty and transparency, the founders came together in 2013 with the foresight that bringing down the barriers to entry when investing directly in oil and gas would yield massive demand worldwide. They had seen the bombastic sales pitches, the opaque corporate investments, and the high bar to entry which prevented everyday investors, including commercial real estate investors and other self directed investors, from taking advantage of one of the greatest creators of wealth over the last century. Energy Funders is a first-of-its-kind platform which connects everyday investors with the small energy producers that drive the energy output of the United States.

EnergyFunders provides investors with unprecedented access to projects that were traditionally reserved for the wealthy or those with inside information. Its mission is to allow these everyday investors access to direct energy investments with access through low buy-ins, due diligence, and a wealth of information regarding each investment. While many of our investors are accustomed to more traditional investments like oil stock, the stock market in general, and commercial real estate, recent changes in crowdfunding regulations have opened the door to allow almost anyone to benefit from the tax credits and passive cash flow offered by oil and gas investments.

Today, EnergyFunders is actively raising money and funding projects. To find out how you might qualify to participate in one of our current or upcoming energy crowdfunding opportunities, or to learn how to convert equity or revenue from existing commercial real estate investments, visit us now at https://www.energyfunders.com/commercial-real-estate

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  1. Reed Stiles

    Neat video. Never knew that there was a platform for direct investment to oil deals. Will check it out