Why I DON’T flip houses (revealing my favorite real estate investing approach)

Even though I’ve had the opportunity to flip the homes I’ve bought, and even though I’ve represented my own clients who’ve flipped real estate for massive profits, this is why I’ve preferred NOT to flip properties and instead, keep them as rentals. Add me on Snap/Insta: GPStephan

To me, my priority and focus has been to build up my passive income as much as possible, year after year- so far, in the 6 years that I’ve been investing, my income from my rental properties covers pretty much all of my expenses, allowing me to save 100% of what I make from working as a realtor.

This is the type of investing I prefer – partly due to laziness in that I can continue to increase my passive income and grow that up to be able to retire whenever and have total freedom to do what I want, when I want, and partly because it’s less time intensive than flipping properties. I take a very lazy, easy approach to real estate investing. It’s slow and steady wins the race attitude. Once you set up a rental property with the right tenants, it can pretty much run on its own, making you money while you sleep.

Disclosure: People can make a lot of money flipping. This isn’t to say that it’s not very, very lucrative – I know and have represented people that have made hundreds of thousands per deal. It can be a great business to be in and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Everyone’s goals are different and many people prefer the immediate profit of a flip – But here are my own personal reasons why I prefer to keep my properties as rentals.

1. It’s a lot of work to flip a property, especially in a competitive market. Inventory is low and finding a deal worth flipping could take months. While it can generate a lot of profit immediately, it requires your constant work to keep the momentum to continue flipping.

2. When you sell it, you pay taxes as ordinary income – not long term capital gains, which is taxed much less.

3. Market timing. Finding a good deal could take months in Los Angeles…add another 2-3 months of renovation, and another 30-60 days of having the house on the market before closing, and you’re looking at 5-9 months from start to finish per deal.

4. Profit. Given the amount of work and time I’d dedicate to flip a property, it doesn’t make sense for me when it takes my time away from my main focus, which is working as a Realtor.

5. If the property has that much equity in it that you can flip it for a profit, chances are you can charge much higher rents than before, improving your cash flow.

For me, I’ll take passive rents without doing much – it just requires some upfront work and an initial upfront investment, but once you get it going, it can run for a very long time. Having this type of passive income really allows you the freedom to do what you want, when you want – and focus on what really brings you the most joy. For this reason, I prefer rental properties over flipping.

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    That's why I don't understand why anyone messes around with the communist nation of California why pay those stupid high taxes so they can have all there government programs


    Great video, I will subscribe

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    Dope soundtrack

  4. Victor Setting

    I feel like you have the same idea as me. I use my rentals to cover my monthly expenses and use my commission checks to save for my next down payment for my next rental.

  5. Zachary Etter

    Also want to thank you Graham, I've learned allot! From your wisdom and look forward to applying it in the near future for my family's sake

  6. Zachary Etter

    Here in missouri we only pay a 6% tax on any investment. Long term or short term, doesn't matter. We kind of have it good on that area but then again the market ain't really all that good. Unless you have the properties in the right locations

  7. Kevin Nagle

    What is a general rent range between your properties?

  8. The Nielson Tribe

    Thanks for all the awesome info!

  9. Jae Park

    I've been listening to Graham for couple of weeks now and he just seems so logical, reasonable….I need a mentor like him…well I'll be soon buying my first home in NJ (Bergen County) of budget ~900K maximum. Hope this is a good decision. I plan to build my portfolio too like Graham to have 5 properties by age 40. Have 10 years left and retire…

  10. Eli Acosta

    Any great books you recommended on how to invest you’re money in real estate and gain freedom as well as cash flow

  11. Josue Martinez

    In Miami you need to find off market deals for flipping. Only the amateurs search the MLS. Anything that comes up on the MLS worthy of looking at, the price is driven up to point where profits are slimmer than my ex girlfriends ass.

  12. Deserie Aponte

    I want to pretend I'm buying a house walk into you're office and request you as a realtor just to say "Thank you for your amazing videos" in person! I feel like for the first time here is someone sharing some real stuff without trying to sell anything. It's Friday night and I'm just binge watching all your videos.

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    NOTE: The "SHE-BOON at 2:45"…"Now Dat's Fuhhhh-k'ed UP !"

  14. HodorTarg

    Graham , you should check out Purple Bricks. You can sell your places for a fixed fee instead of a 2% commission, it's amazing.

  15. Cory Mortensen

    Love your videos, Graham. I'm a Finance major with a concentration in Real Estate so it's awesome to see you laying out the numbers that are both real and practical instead of other "gurus" who blast their own "profits" and tactics that aren't attainable or downright outlandish. Keep up the great content!

  16. Chris Baker

    That is so smart because earning $1,300 cash flow monthly is far more valuable than earning $57,000 once.

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    You could refinance to pull the equity out tax free

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    "your really faint moustache makes it look like you have snot trails"
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