Why is it so hard to buy a house?

Russell discusses the housing crisis in the UK

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20 Responses to Why is it so hard to buy a house?

  1. unwanted poems

    "they voted against a house…. being…. A FUCKING HOUSE"

  2. Louise

    I would vote for you Russell.

  3. Sam Nimmo

    Brought to tears by the way Russell Howard speaks for the people. Amazing stuff

  4. imbusyrightnow

    Thanks for covering this Russell (if you ever get to see this), were all fked 🙁

  5. Oscar Harrison

    I just love Russel

  6. Autobot Commander Ironhide

    Russell Howard for Prime Minister. I would vote for that.

  7. Blonde Kid 402

    Seriously, Russel, go on a political discussion show

  8. Dom Brookes
  9. Coco B fan

    MPs are Heartless scum.

  10. Coco B fan

    MP = Mental Pricks

  11. Conor

    Absolutely amazing Russell, i’m 20 and I have no idea how i’m going to move out

  12. TripleXD

    See if I made a political party I would in increase wages lower house prices increase house building the and increase tax credits and make sure every house and block has sprinklers

  13. Summer

    God save the queen more like God save the Russell innit

  14. Ralph Bernhard

    The queen has to be given 369 million to send to her offshore accounts…

  15. Paul Whitehead

    'ssshh keep is down phil, keep it down'
    'but i like to fuck loud!'

    fuckin gets me everytime.

  16. Piper

    The governent in the uk are a fucking joke i think its time they were relieved of their duties

  17. TripleXD

    Chelsey council wanted to bulldoze grennfall because rich people didn’t like to look at it wankers

  18. Ben York

    Well shit… this was deep

  19. TatzRules Yay

    Instead of JUST talking about it, does anyone know what we could do to get the MPs to see reason?

  20. Qniba Chaos

    Anyone defending satans' spawn which is Tory needs to be sectioned.