Why Multifamily Real Estate is Better than buying a house -Grant Cardone

Real estate is the best way to grow wealth. If you want to get super rich, get involved in real estate — but I’m not talking about just any real estate. I recently wrote an article that explained why buying a house is for suckers. A home is not an investment, because it doesn’t pay you each month — you have to pay it. It’s a liability to me, not an asset. Not only does a house leave you less mobile, it ties up your money so you can’t use it for real assets. There are many indications that multi-family apartment investments will continue to be great:

75 million Baby Boomers are headed into retirement

Many of today’s apartment complexes may be converted to retirement communities in the future

Many millennials aren’t buying homes

It’s getting more expensive to build new apartment units

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20 Responses to Why Multifamily Real Estate is Better than buying a house -Grant Cardone

  1. Master Roshi

    Shout out to captain Ryan 👨‍✈️

  2. Isaac Quintana

    I love these shows!! We've succeeded with a triplex investment before, but going beyond that to the next level has not been easy. Grant/team: Give me some input, I'll give you more details.

  3. Joel Gierbolini

    Tiooo G! I agreed with u! Love you content man! One day I hope to meet you! #MiamiKid

  4. Mohammed Akbar

    Investment in the Real estate is the best choice to grow enormous wealth. Buying an apartment which pays every month as rent. It is an income for ever rather than buying a house for own use with no income whatsoever.

  5. Mohammed Akbar

    Grant Cardone is really encouraging and motivating and inspiring people to stand and face the challenges of life boldly.

  6. Tim McCoy

    Should I buy a 16 unit apartment for $30,000 in a horrible location(in the ghetto), every other building around it is boarded up, completely vacant and the inside is half burnt? Rents in the area are $488 for 1bd – $650 for 3 bed. Last sold for $125,00 in 2013 and short selling it now.

  7. Michael Rodriguez

    What formula did grant use to find the value of the property?

  8. Brendan I Disagree Joe Schaub

    There is no one on Youtube offering content like this. Listen, take notes, and apply. Change your life. Thank Grant.

  9. Ricky Rodriguez

    his commercial is reminding me off Steven stevens (not his real name) from Money talks…looks same old froam face smiles few times lol. This dude is the man, smart real deal

  10. Chris Barreira

    man that freddy deal is robbery god damn

  11. Chris Barreira

    grant just wanna say love your attitude keep doing you man. did you just learn everything by trial and error? I feel like you never really had a mentor, you just went out there and said fuck everybody im going to tear shit up and thats what you did. thats the vibe i get from you you have the winner attitude. If i spent 6 months around you I bet you id be earning more money just from that confidence/power you bring to the table. love the grant rants keep it up man dont change it !

  12. Stan E

    At 43 minutes and 20 seconds above the guy with the accent says the owner paid $350,000 four years ago. In reality, the owner paid $3,500,000 in 2011 which is 6 years ago. Somebody help me. Before I invest any of my money, I want to know EVERYTHING about them!!! So Grant, let's find some real deals. Stan

  13. Stan E

    OK, so now that we know the property was purchased on July 12, 2011 for $3,500,000 – how much was the caller saying he could buy it for? I don't think it was for sale and no, you can't buy it for $1,500,000…
    Here is the listing on Loopnet and as of today, it is off market.
    Owner is Las Palmas Apartments Investments Llc
    3391 Peachtree Rd Ne #110, Atlanta, GA 30326

  14. Stan E

    Las Palmas Apartments Investments LLC
    Purchased: $350000.00 Jul 12 2011

  15. joseph krajewski

    love your message grant but your intros to your vids are too long my man…

  16. Thomas A Dorman

    There Is Only One way to make it happen, JUST DO IT!

  17. JM Sonberg

    Why does Grant teach instead of fully focusing on his real estate business? His advice is great but I don't get it. The only logical explanation can be that he earns more from teaching than he does from real estate. Or he's doing this for charity purposes.

  18. Jeshua rd

    "You do not want debt, unless it produces income…" – GC love it man! I like how you tied in Dave's success with teaching debt free – but, you don't stop there, you help us understand the VALUE of borrowing WHEN it produces income. – Especially in this age of low interest debt. God bless you GC!

  19. CrownMeQueenCole

    you are Brilliant love the content!!!

  20. Saied Alvarian

    i wanna be in the transformer!! haha