Why NOT Buy a House In Malaysia NOW

Must watch this before you think of buying a property in Malaysia. House and condo prices in Malaysia, rules for foreigners to buy property in Malaysia etc. Things you MUST know before you buy a house in Malaysia. Daniel Olsen’s personal experience.

20 Responses to Why NOT Buy a House In Malaysia NOW

  1. AV Daniel Violin

    I just spent a couple days in Melaka, and I liked there very much. Melaka could be one of the choices to retire. Next time I would like to rent a place stay for some time to feel it.

  2. sg eter

    Putrajaya is a capital city administration of government. Kuala Lumpur is capital city of Malaysia

  3. Rahmah Rashid

    who is t!his idiot? Stay in your country if this is how you think about us!!

  4. Dan Heather

    Putrajaya is one of the most beautiful cities I've been to in the world; with the Malay, Persian and Arabic architectural mix. These developments seem to be mostly a Chinese investment.

  5. Abdel Benhersi

    malaysia sounds like paradise on earth , why houses are that big and cheap

  6. Cheng Ong

    Thanks for the advice. I was thinking to buy a apartment for 230k but the project is not complete yet. After watching your videos I decided to wait and see .

  7. fakhrurrazi hamdan

    I'm just a malay guy. I'm 29 years old, i have dream and want to buy one for my asset but Seriously i can't affort this property.
    I just can look this property from far away, i have no money to buy this property, and very dificult to make bank loan. And how about other 6++k malay person future that don't have a job…oh my malaysia….can u all give me suggestion what i should do to change my life and future

  8. amandeepv

    Lady at 5.44 has hot legs.

  9. amandeepv

    Thank you for this most intresting.

  10. CKW008

    which sources you found that Putrajaya is the capital city of Malaysia. Putrajaya is the government administrative city for the federal government.

    The generalization you made is very misleading as the place you visited is around Putrajaya and after a few properties surveyed, hence your video is titled – Why NOT Buy House In Malaysia NOW

  11. Roy Teo

    You should look in Kuala Lumpur instead of around Putrajaya

  12. Michline Al

    Invest in Malaysia? My advice, penang, Kota Kinabalu, langkawi, labuan.

  13. Hubsenct

    To choose putrajaya over kl as the subject of topic is a wrong move in the first place…

  14. mohd salim mansurdin

    kuala lumpur is still the capital city of malaysia, putrajaya is administrative city of malaysia. different. anyway, even tho the house a cheaper for malay, most malay still cant afford it, most of malaysian economy were monopolize by the Chinese, so all those cheap house for malay are actually bullshit.

  15. Modern Navy

    I love Malaysia and I wish to shift there.

  16. Shark Guard

    Rent lah. Exit plan is so easy

  17. Nur Azhar

    Malays/Bumiputera in Malaysia is over 60% uncle… and breeding faster than average… remember that

  18. Nur Azhar

    as a Malay I think non-malay Singaporean need to think many many… many times whether they really really want to retire in Malaysia…

  19. aditya reddy

    try hyderabad india 5th largest metropolitan city in india ver 50milion population and u can get a individual 3bedroom gated comunity house for 50k usd if u like beaches and planing reatirment ry goa india cheap and pacefull with full of turists and every one gets same price and beacuse of gst tax in india a forgin national will get low price than a local here in india

  20. sc5252

    There is nothing in Putrajaya except government offices.