Will You Ever Be Able To Buy A House?

Can anyone in your circle of friends afford to buy a house in today’s economic climate?

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20 Responses to Will You Ever Be Able To Buy A House?

  1. Parks Family

    The liberal policues have created this mess. It happened in detroit, chicago, etc.

  2. James Shelnutt

    the house the real estate lady said was like $300K in east LA would be like $20K or less in a lot of areas around Birmingham, AL.

  3. Fury Graal

    Heheheheh, if you wanna buy a big house for a cheap price, two words!

    Manitoba Canada

  4. John Daniels

    Hedge funds and the Fed bought up millions and millions of houses in 2008 look at all the houses being rented out. There is not a housing shortage it's just a houses are bought by hedge funds and being rented out. Woohoo

  5. keizersuze

    Actually no, I don't think that a teacher should be able to easilly afford a new house. They are part of a conceptually outdated inefficient poorly performing government funded program. Why should they get big salaries when I don't think they give good service? It's not like the best and brightest become school teachers.

  6. Jacknife1007

    heres what i'm understanding from the comments. We have to decide between living in the middle of a warzone, or make a 3hr commute to and from work every day, or relocate to a new warzone in a different city or state.

  7. chris77777777ify

    The FED needs to stop printing paper, that's what needs to happen.

  8. beenn15

    you know what that means… more money for a real estate agent

  9. BruizerBlue

    why can't I afford a house?
    You majored in a useless degree You bought a car that isn't fuel efficientYou had an expensive weddingYou spent 40k partying in collegeYou upgrade your smartphone every 2 yearsYou have too many fancy clothesYou want to live in California and New YorkYou got a useless masters degree tooYou drink a Starbucks coffee every day

  10. Sarah S

    I live in the Silicon Valley and you pretty much can't get a house for less than $1million ://

  11. n s9999

    65 thousand and summers off, Teachers get paid plenty imo, Anyways, its better to rent

  12. Colin Fairbairn

    So… Government regulations are the primary restriction? Huh, imagine that…

  13. Lauren T.

    Googled "cheaper to buy or build a house" Got : Then there's cost: In many (but not all) cases it is cheaper to buy an existing home. According to data compiled by the National Association of Home Builders, the median new home price in 2014 was $282,800, versus $208,900 for existing homes during the same year. So new houses are probably not going to come fast enough, and we are all fighting for dump leftover houses that are overpriced.

  14. Illuminati Productions

    housing prices are sop fucked up i live in Southern California can't afford even a small condo people that bought 20-25 years ago for 300-350 built equity and now there homes are 1 million + on they are in a comfy position

  15. Avaruus Lehmä

    Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan!

  16. José Guzman

    that guy thinks he can get cancer from power lines, and he's teaching our kids. that's scary.

  17. Logan X Hebda

    Makes me happy I live in Arkansas

  18. xSwisher

    My teacher said that in a few years the housing prices should drop and will raise again

  19. jol666aaa

    BSc Oxford Economics student here. Housing shortage is total B.S., especially in USA.

  20. Anthony Stewart

    Um… I don't want to buy a house in America—but if I were to buy one it will be tiny and on family property.