Zombie House Flipping: Biggest Zombie Flips | FYI

The teams reminisces about their biggest successes in zombie house flipping in this web exclusive.


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Zombie House Flipping
Season 1
Episode 7
The Smell of Money

In Zombie House Flipping, millennial house flipper Justin Stamper and his team of renovators have found a solution to Florida’s the abandoned, run-down homes. As the Robin Hoods of Real Estate in Orlando.

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One Response to Zombie House Flipping: Biggest Zombie Flips | FYI

  1. Nahom Tewolde

    My mind is blown to see Peter Duke on TV. Any home touched by the hand of Peter is a blessing. To simply say Peter Duke is a flipper doesn’t do the homes he’s renovated justice. He puts his soul into each project. Thank you for the knowledge you bestowed upon me. Support Orlando’s entrepreneurs!